The Van Syckle Group   " Drive Sales Acceleration "

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Upset with sales?... you don't have to be!


  • Sales Acceleration Training: Get it to stick.  Get it applied.  Get RESULTS! Build customer-focused selling skills that differentiate your sales team in a competitive market. We ensure they apply new skills on the job to drive and maintain RESULTS!

  • Sales Acceleration Executive Training: Getting RESULTS requires great leadership. 

  • Talent Acceleration: Hire the best talent..reduce turnover..match the right people to the right job..troubleshoot performance.. 

  • Flexible Delivery Formats:
    We are flexible in meeting your training delivery needs through multiple delivery methods that can be blended, stand alone, or complement one another to provide a highly effective, seamless training solution for all levels of your organization.

The Van Syckle Group accelerates sales through results focused training. We have proprietary “know how” on how to accelerate sales in organizations. Our processes and systems are scalable and customized to our clients.

We offer a unique sales training curriculum that delivers both an immediate benefit with sustainable results. Your team will learn to think more strategically, prospect more effectively and advance the sales process.

We teach a consultative, customer-focused selling system that is relevant to the challenges your team faces every day– from qualifying a prospect to closing a sale. Through proven sales curriculum, The Van Syckle Group helps clients succeed at all levels of the sales process. The depth of our customization ensures the training is aligned to your business and is relevant and applicable, even to your most experienced sales professionals.


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